A good hair day in 2009

A good hair day in 2009

I’m Angela, a childless aunt, who sometimes goes by Angie.

Katie & Claire are my nieces, 11 and 9.

Whenever I am around Katie & Claire, I have the urge to share with them every life lesson I’ve ever learned, in hopes that they might not have to learn all of them the hard way(s).

Thankfully for them, usually I just keep my mouth shut and work on being fun instead.

However, once upon a time, I wrote Katie a letter about grief, and I realized that it is easier for me write down what I believe about the world when I’m thinking of sharing it with her and her sister than if I’m just writing it for myself.

So I started a blog.

I don’t know that Katie, or Claire will actually benefit from my collected thoughts. It doesn’t seem to be the most important part of writing them.

I do know that I love reading letters that other people write to children they love. The format seems to distill realism, optimism, and love into palatable wisdom. At least it works that way when others do it; we’ll see how mine turn out.


Aunt Angie

(Contact me at ajremail-blog (at) yahoo (dot) com)


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